If we had to choose one question that we receive most often from our many clients, the enquiries about skip sizes would definitely be it. Such a concern is understandable – even though the prices of all of our skips are extremely affordable, nobody wants to end up having to hire another skip midway through the project that they are undertaking, or be left with a skip that turns out to be too big for the job and, naturally, results in a bigger, as well as an unnecessary, investment. We also make sure to let all of our clients know that the law requires a filled skip to be a so-called ‘level load‘, meaning that the waste should not reach higher than the sides of the container – which means that overfilling your skip is not an option. The law of a level load makes your decision of which skip to hire that much more difficult.


What does make the decision easier though is a wide variety of skip sizes on offer at Skip Hire Isleworth. You can choose from a small four-yard skip, a medium six-yard skip, large eight-yard or ten-yard skips, as well as an extra large twelve-yard container. For bigger commercial projects, we also store huge Roll-on Roll-off, or RoRo, skips that range in size from 15 to 40 cubic yards.

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You might wonder what a cubic yard is. It is a measurement that is used to determine the volume of a skip. A cubic yard is one yard high, one yard wide and one yard deep. It might also help to know that one yard equals 3 feet or, alternatively, 91 centimetres. Generally, when you think of cubic yards, you should keep in mind that each one of them allows you to store about 10 bin bags, or 2 wheelie bins, of waste inside your skip.


That should have made things a bit more easier to understand, but, in order to go the extra mile and help you make the final decision about the size of a skip that your project requires, we have prepared a handy guide to the skips on offer at Skip Hire Isleworth and the types of projects that they are usually used for:


  1. A small four-yard skip. You will be able to fit around 30 to 40 regular-size bin bags in this type of a container. It is designed for smaller DIY or garden projects and single-room refits. Avoid it if your requirements are much bigger!
  2. A medium six-yard skip. About 50 to 60 bin bags fit into this skip. It is one of the most popular choices amongst our clients and can be used for a variety of household jobs that produce a moderate amount of waste.
  3. A large eight-yard or ten-yard skip. This skip type is able to comfortably hold anywhere from 70 to 100 bin bags. It is a trusted favourite of our clients who work within the building trade, as its size makes it perfect for slightly bigger projects.
  4. An extra large twelve-yard skip. When it comes to regular skips, you are unlikely to need to go bigger than this one. It can hold up to 120 bin bags and should be chosen if you are planning to undertake a larger house or garage clearance, as well as some serious renovation. Our commercial clients are keen on choosing this size as well.
  5. RoRo skips. Our industrial customers love these monsters, as they can hold up to 400 bin bags within their bounds. However, if you are embarking on a big household clearance, you might want to hire one of these skips as well. Keep in mind though that these containers really are huge, so you will need to have a fair amount of extra space available for their placement. A special permit is an absolute necessity as well – luckily, our employees are happy to take care of it for you.


Here at Skip Hire Isleworth, we are focused on meeting the various needs of all of our customers – and that is why we make sure to offer a huge variety of skip sizes. The number of available options might seem intimidating at first, but we are always ready to help you make your decision. Just let us know what kind of project you are currently undertaking and we will come up with the most suitable skip, alongside an extremely competitive price tag attached to it!