You might think that everything that could possibly be found in a skip is, by definition, rubbish: pieces of broken wood, old magazines and newspapers, toys that nobody plays with and photographs that have lost their significance… If anything at least a tiny bit valuable ends up amongst other people‘s trash, it has got to be a curiosity, a strange object which might not look out of place in in an antique shop but is otherwise completely useless – right?

Wrong! Pretty much every employee of ours has at least one story to tell about something that was found in a skip, even though the skip was the last place where it should have been. We chatted with the guys at our waste transfer station for a while and compiled a list of the five strangest things which were found amongst regular rubbish right here at Skip Hire Isleworth!

  1. 1,000 pounds. While getting ready to recycle the waste collected from a house which was then being refurbished by its owners, one of our employees found a plastic bag containing 1,000 pounds stuffed in a mouldy sock! He contacted the clients immediately and it turned out that the sum was saved by their late grandfather – everybody forgot about it over the years and failed to notice the money before tossing it into the skip. Luckily, the savings were immediately returned to their rightful owners, who promised to be more careful before throwing something away the next time.
    It turns out that we are not the only ones who happened to come upon a large sum of money in a skip – a local man once found 3,800 dollars lying around in the trash behind a Tennessee convenience store!
  2. A historic diary. An employee of Skip Hire Isleworth found a diary in one of our skips a few years ago. It is not uncommon for people to get rid of old diaries during a house clearance, but this one appeared different, so our employee followed his gut instinct and quickly skimmed through it before tossing it away – the diary detailed the events of the Second World War! He contacted the clients in order to make sure that they really wanted to get rid of the historic relic. They confirmed it, even after numerous suggestions to hold on to the diary. We, however, could not throw it away and, with the approval of our clients, it is now stored in a glass cabinet in our central office as one of the weirdest things that we have fished out of our skips.
  3. Paintings. We cannot match the luck of an American woman who found a painting which was later sold for 1 million dollars in a New York skip, but we had our share of finding artwork amongst various waste. One of these instances turned out to be an old portrait of our client‘s grandparents and he was extremely happy to get it back – it may not have fetched much money at an art auction, but its sentimental value meant a whole lot more.
  4.  An expensive necklace. One of our employees, Jack, was lucky to spot a necklace while emptying out a skip – it stood out because of its shiny pear-shaped pendant. The father of the employee happened to be a jeweller, so Jack was able to recognise that the pendant was adorned with a real diamond! He contacted our clients immediately and, as surprised as they were by Jack‘s honesty, they rushed to our office to collect the necklace – as so often happens, it turned out that they threw it away by accident.
  5. A wedding ring. Losing a wedding ring is everybody‘s worst nightmare – and this is exactly what happened to one of our clients when it slipped off his finger while he was loading the skip. He only noticed that it was missing after we had taken the skip away and called us in a panic, asking if it was possible for us to look for the ring. We assured him that we would do our best and were able to return the ring to its owner the next day!


The employees of Skip Hire Isleworth are diligent enough to notice when an item seems out of place – however, not everybody manages to retrieve the things that they happen to throw away accidentally. So if there is one lesson to be learned from these stories, it is this: before putting something in a skip, make sure that you really want to get rid of it!