How do I hire a skip?

This is incredibly straightforward – just ring us or drop us an email to discuss, and we will arrange everything for you. A comprehensive list of available skip sizes and rates will be given to you straight away.

How much will it cost?

You can call us or email to obtain a full quote, which will include the skip hire and any permit payment required if the skip is likely to be ‘parked’ on the roadside (the council demand a permit on these occasions). The final price will be determined by your location, the skip size you hire, along with any extras such as assistance to remove hazardous waste.

How long can I hire the skip for?

When hiring your skip the time period can be discussed with one of our customer service representatives. We offer everything from 24 hour rental up to several months, but the majority of our customers – both residential and commercial – opt for two weeks maximum. Skip Hire Isleworth also has a ‘wait and load’ procedure, where a skip will be delivered and we stay at scene until it is filled by you, upon which we will load the full skip back onto our lorry and take it away for you.



How much, and what, can I put in the skip?

Every skip at Skip Hire Isleworth has ‘fill level’ markings on their inside walls. You must adhere to these guidelines to ensure a level – and safe – load. Please do not place items such as car batteries, toxic waste, electrical waste or equipment (computers, microwaves and so on) or hazardous materials such as asbestos and certain types of paint. Our company provides a separate service to remove these prohibited items safely.


House and office clearance

Be it a modest bungalow that belonged to a relative or a four storey office block where the company has vacated the building, Skip Hire Isleworth can completely clear out the premises in an efficient and professional manner. Any hazardous materials can also be removed and we will have on-site management ready to liaise with you at all times during the procedure.

Garden and garage clearance

We are specialists in total clearance of garages and gardens, providing a speedy, efficient service. Any old items including car parts, wooden fences, rotten roofing or even dying shrubs and trees can be stripped and removed by our staff, and taken away for destruction or recycling. We also offer contacts with partner agencies who can completely restore your garden to its former glory.



At Skip Hire Isleworth we can provide a full demolition service for smaller properties, including houses, warehouses and small blocks of flats in tandem with one of our partner agencies. This includes asbestos removal, scaffolding, dismantling of industrial units and site clearance, all of which are carried out by our on-site teams. All rubbish collected during dismantling or demolition is shipped back to our waste transfer station for recycling or final destruction.


Rubbish collection

If you don’t want to hire a skip, or don’t need our team to clear your house or garden, we offer a full rubbish removal service where our staff will attend once you have cleared out all your waste yourself. We have a fleet of lorries that can ‘wait and load’ for you, and ship all your rubbish to our licensed waste transfer station for destruction.


Is my waste recycled?

At Skip Hire Isleworth we are firmly behind local and government schemes to recycle as much waste as possible, and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites in and around the capital. We have our own waste transfer station, designed to further minimise the impact of waste on London’s streets, and can recycle many types of items including glass, metal, wood, cardboard, plaster and even concrete.


How can I find out more about green initiatives?

At Skip Hire Isleworth we have a dedicated environment team made up of experts from various ‘green’ backgrounds, including specialists in recycling, pollution, illegal dumping and toxic waste. We can help you with advice and information on this important issue, and show you how we always take into account the impact of waste disposal and routinely search for green alternatives with everything we do.

How much waste do you recycle?

Our company boasts its very own licensed waste transfer station, meaning every single item of rubbish we collect is shipped to the depot and broken down for recycling. We estimate that between 70 to 80% of everything we collect is recycled, meaning we can save on costs which are passed on to our clients so that our skip hire and other services are some of the cheapest in London.

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